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What we Do


  • 5 Loosening Exercises

  • Short Form

  • Long Form

  • SanFeng Quick Fist (Fast Form)

  • Pushing Hands & Applications

  • 8 Paths (Meditation)

Initially concentrating on the 5 Loosening exercises and Cheng Man-Ch'ing 37 movement Taiji Form (Short Form), we lay the foundation for those who wish to further their study.

At the core of our practise is the Form.
This is where we create the depth in our Taiji. A sequence that flows from one posture to the next, co-ordinating mind, energy and body.
This hauntingly beautiful slow flowing sequence of movement is what most people recognise as Taiji.

Muscles contract. Body lifts & moves.
Muscles release. Body settles & aligns.
Muscles stretch. Forces gather.
Surface mind stills. Deep mind awakens.

Like the ceaseless rhythm of deep ocean swell, the gentle ebb and flow of Taiji movement belies a depth of power and stillness.
What most see is the undulating surface, but like water - only when we go against the flow do we become aware of the immense forces in the gathering wave.
Over time as we go deeper and leave the surface ripples behind we become increasingly aware of the internal sensations. So begins the shift from external movement to awakening of the deep mind.

Through the clear direction of the mind intention (Yi), the body is drawn inexorably towards a point of stillness. Where the intention withdraws, where the awareness expands, where the forces are free to travel through the body and beyond...

Although people train for many different reasons, you could say Taiji has 3 main reasons for being:

1) A gentle system of exercise that stretches, mobilises and strengthens the body. Calms the mind through relaxed, accurate, smooth, slowly flowing co-ordinated movements. Postural alignment and concentration are enhanced

2) A system for increasing mind, energy, body co-ordination.
It offers freedom to review habitual, perhaps unconscious, responses and through deepening awareness provides the potential for inner change.

3) A subtle martial art in which yielding and neutralising are the overlapping central principles.



What to expect

Relax Deep Mind  - Relax Deep Mind
The classes are quietly concentrated, encouraging people to go deeper each time they train.

We often split into small groups or practise individually to work on whatever has been introduced that week.

Partner work develops sensitivity and explores the distancing and timing required for the many set-pattern pushing hands exercises.

For the longer trained people, we progressively add in Yang Cheng Fu 108 Long Form, and San Feng Quick Fist - a fast Form from Master Huang's Fujian White Crane.

Classes usually finish with the ancient Daoist 8 Paths, Sharing the Light, 5 clouds (Neigong) meditation.

Like any discipline, without question, only those who are prepared to make some effort and practice a little outside of the class will make progress and gain the most from what is taught.
Relax Deep Mind Relax Deep Mind

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