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7 pushes exercise - Outside training at London Seminar


Regular Open Seminars in the Northeast, London, and elsewhere by request.
Taiji with Joe Harte in the footsteps of Huang XingXian & Patrick Kelly

The seminars are progressive multi-layered teachings suitable for people with some experience. All are welcome irrespective of style.

Each seminar has a particular theme, and begins by introducing the basic methods for those not so familiar with our system – You are most welcome to come and find out what we do.

Joe Harte is a long-time student and Senior Instructor under Patrick Kelly. Using deep concentration on the 5 inner senses he aims to lead people beyond just the outer movement into subtleties of the deeper inner practice.

2023 Seminar Dates

Dates TBA.

2024 Seminar Dates

Feb 3-9th. Hamburg residential seminar

- co taught with Dr Michael Ploetz & Joe Harte.


All Seminars have a selected theme and include:

5 Loosening Exercises | ShortForm | LongForm | Fixed-pattern Pushing hands | Applications | 8 Paths Meditation |

if there's time we add  Sang Feng QuickFist.
All Welcome - irrespective of style


Seminar in your town?

1 or 2 Day seminars may be possible in your area.

Free place for organizer if min 10 people attending.

Discuss with JOe.
E mail: 


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