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Master Huang XingXiian                                 Abdullah Dougan                                            Mouniji Maharaj

         Daoist                                                          Sufi / Gnostic                                                     Yogi

Our Taiji  - Three esoteric streams of knowledge - Daoism, Sufism, & Yoga combined into one unified system.


TaiJi / Tai Chi

Different spellings and expressions for Taiji the ancient Chinese art based on Daoist principles expressed in the 2,500 year old 'Dao De Ching' (Tao Teh Ching ) attributed to Lao Tzu. And 1000 years earlier in the 'I Ching' The Book of Changes.

Much can be read about the art of Taiji in general but for the direct influences on our system.....

We are practising Taiji passed down by
Yang Cheng Fu 1883-1936

and his famous student
Cheng Man-Ch'ing 1901-1975

further developed and refined by
Master Huang Sheng Shyan 1910-1992

Patrick A Kelly is our greatly respected guide in these teachings, and himself a long time 'inner school' student of Master Huang Xingxian, Abdullah Dougan, and Mouniji.

Master Huang 

From the age of 14 Master Huang practiced the internal Daoist arts and Fujian White Crane. In 1949 he became the student of Cheng Man-Ching and studied and refined his Tai Chi for a further 43 years thus completing nearly 70 years of intense personal study. During this time he headed one of the largest Taiji schools in SE Asia.

Of the thousands of students that passed through Master Huang's schools most were taught in a general way in the 'outer school'. In the traditional way, only the inner school students received the special detailed training handed down from master to close inner student. As an 'inside the door' student Patrick Kelly spent 20 years studying with the master during the last decades of his life.

Patrick A Kelly has systematized the essence of his personal experience of Taoist, Sufi/Gnostic, and Yogic teachings with the above developed beings into one unified system. Now combined with his many years of dedicated personal investigation and evolution generously disseminates the teaching for the benefit of the Taiji world. He guides a world-wide network of dedicated independent instructors.

Joe Harte began with Patrick Kelly in 1995 and is senior instructor of the Northeast School UK, see 'Instructor' page.

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