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3 Types of Taiji.

There is genuine traditional Taiji, 'healing' Taiji or 'gymnastic' Taiji.

In traditional Taiji (that we teach) students progress through a long serious training, which produces true inner evolution, a deep well being and some ability at self-defense based on sensitivity and internal power rather than external strength and speed.

The sublime experience of the past great practitioners is passed down, which requires effort from both students and teachers. The teachers have themselves been through such long training previously, with their own genuine teachers.

Secondly there is "healing" Taiji where people practice lightly to feel outwardly better and recover from the pressure of work and daily life. Like modern 'Yoga", there is some external value in this but it does not lead to internal refinement.

Thirdly you may also see "gymnastic" Taiji where all esoteric training is scorned and either beautiful "wushu" postures, or rough fighting movements are trained, perhaps with silk uniforms, sometimes for competition. This Taiji was officially promoted over the last 60-70 years but perhaps has lost the refined subtlety of the original art.

These last 2 methods are typically taught merely as a means of making a living. The lightly trained instructors, easily create new movements and systems which propogate their own simple ideas. These methods may increase attachment to and identification with the body (consolidating the ego). This is a long way from the great purpose of the deep and subtle art of true Taiji.

I suggest you think twice before investing your time in these last 2 - ask yourself what is really important in your life, then stay true to that and make your choice.






Come and watch a full class (perhaps joining in a few exercises) for free, ask your questions, and we can have a chat about your motivations and what you hope to get from the training.

Please Note: You will be required to be able to stand up and move around gently for the duration of the class. We don't offer 'drop in' classes, students commit to training regularly to gain the best experience from the teaching and make steady progress.

To ensure that students progress smoothly the minimum attendance is 2 classes per week, or as many as you choose for the same fee. 

Step by step video lessons are included in your class fee to give you the confidence to practice a little of what you've learnt at home. 




There's a choice of 4 Taiji classes per week.

Minimum attendance to ensure progress is twice a week.

Mix & match, and train at as many classes as you choose for the same fee!

£60 per month, thereby getting the 5th week in a five week month free.

Your training fee includes step by step videos to support your learning,  and give you the confidence to practice at home.

The most you'll pay is £7.50 per 1.5 hour class, reducing to £3/class if attending 4 times a week. No contracts, No uniforms, No belts, or T shirts to buy, No additional charges.

There are some books by my teacher Patrick Kelly that you may wish to purchase at some point to help your understanding of this deep esoteric art.

In some circumstances it may be possible to pay by week (by arrangement)  £15/week for 2 or more classes.


When comparing prices of classes and quality of instruction note that some Taiji / Tai Chi and QiGong / Chi Kung being taught may be nothing more than simple movements by lightly trained instructors. Watch out for additional costs for memberships, special uniforms, belts, T shirts etc. 

Not all that is called 'Taiji / Tai Chi' is real with step by step guidance in a clear, serious, authentic lineage with long trained instructors with at least 20 years experience.

Taiji marketed just for 'Health' or 'Martial arts' are easily sold side paths denying the true internal path of inner development, where health and the ability to deal with external forces (martial aspect) come naturally alongside true deep training.  

We aim to guide our students through a rigorous step by step programme of inner development.

True Taiji

"Taiji as a moving art

Trains intention, awareness and intelligence, within the energies of the lower dantian (body and etheric level).
On every level there is an external and an internal aspect.
The external aspect is based in the physical body while the internal aspect is based in the etheric energy field."

We no longer allow people to attend just one Taiji class per week as this leads to lack of progress and stagnation.

Think of learning to play a musical instrument or a new language, if only training once a week you go back to near zero by the time the next lesson comes round.

Financial Difficulty: Talk to me please.

What should I wear?
Loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes. or trainers.

Do I need equipement?

Am I fit enough?

You will need to be able to stand up and move around for the duration of the class.

If you have specific concerns please consult your doctor before beginning the training.

Taiji is a 'soft' internal art practiced using gentle rhythmic movements and partner exercises. It is suitable for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

What happens as I progress?
You will be introduced to the 5 Loosening exercises, 37 Movement Short Form, and set Pattern partner exercises. Each class you will add a new posture from the Form, and refine the previous one, Step by Step.

A series of videos are included in your training fee to ensure smooth progress. 

There is much more to learn than just the outer shape and sequence of movements, so putting in place a smooth, relaxed, aligned, co-ordinated Form will allow you to begin to deepen the practice towards your inner journey.


Trained before?

It's not necessary to have done so of course, complete beginners are most welcome!

We also wholeheartedly welcome those who have trained in Taiji or other martial arts and wish to deepen their understanding. 

Don't expect it to be the same as what you've done in the past, it almost certainly won't be!

Please come with an open mind, letting go of pre-conceived ideas about what is and isn't Taiji. Ours is a deep, long lineage of teachings, passed down through generations of intelligent masters of the art.

Aiming for the 'higher martial arts', as did the knowledgeable old masters, our teaching is sometimes at odds with the proliferation of easily expounded lightweight ideas in the many outer schools, but completely aligned with the Taiji Classics.



By Patrick Kelly (my teacher)

Student Prices - available for students through Joe at the school

  • Spiritual Reality £28

  • Relax, Deep Mind £28

  • Infinite Dao £38

Purchase Patrick's books online with free worldwide shipping at

or see Links page.


Spiritual Reality

A concise model of the spiritual reality of life, containing necessary and sufficient methods for self-realisation, thereby escaping the otherwise incessant rounds of lives and deaths.


Infinite Dao

A 35 year account of Patrick Kelly's experiences under the guidance of Daoist, Sufi and Yogi sages. It reveals their essential principles and practices, coloured by the natures of these remarkable sages.
Quality cloth bound flexi cover. 300+ pages.



Taiji principles explained, with detailed photographs of the 5 loosening exercises of Master Huang Xingxian and his Taiji Form (based on the 37 move Form of Zheng ManQing)

Purchase or read more of the books at:


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