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Come and watch a full class for free.

Try for a month, as many classes as you wish, for the special introductory price of £40 to see if it suits you.

After that, to ensure that students progress smoothly the minimum attendance is 2 classes per week, or more if you can for the same fee. 

New classes are in the planning stage to give greater choice and flexibility in the near future - see classes page.  


£60 per month (equals £6 or £7.50 per 1-1/2 hour class)

for twice a week or more. Train at as many classes as you can for the same fee!

Includes video support material to give confidence for home practice.


Remember when comparing prices of classes and quality of instruction that Tai Chi is often taught in gyms etc and is sometimes nothing more than simple movements, perhaps with shiny suits, by often lightly trained instructors. Not all that is called 'Tai Chi' has the depth of long trained instructors in a serious, deep, lineage.

True Taiji

"Taiji as a moving art

Trains intention, awareness and intelligence, within the energies of the lower dantian (body and etheric level).
On every level there is an external and an internal aspect.
The external aspect is based in the physical body while the internal aspect is based in the etheric energy field."


Monthly fee equals £6 or £7.50 per 1-1/2 hour class depending on 4 or 5 week month.

Even less per class if attending more than 2 classes per week for same fee.]  

CombatZone is charged separately.


We no longer allow people to attend just 1 class per week as this leads to lack of progress and stagnation.

Think of learning to play a musical instrument or a new language, if only training once a week you go back to near zero by the time the next lesson comes round.

Financial Difficulty: Talk to me please.

What should I wear?
Best is Loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes or trainers.
Please turn up at least 5 minutes before the class start time.
Best not to eat 40mins beforehand.

Do I need equipement?

Am I fit enough?
Taiji is a 'soft' martial art practiced using gentle rhythmic movements and partner exercises.

It is suitable for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

However, if you have specific concerns please consult your doctor before beginning the training.

What happens as I progress?
You steadily learn the Form and add to the sequence move by move at each class.

A series of videos are included in your training fee to ensure step by step progress. 

There is much more to learn than just the outer shape and sequence of movements, so putting in place a smooth, relaxed, aligned, co-ordinated Form will allow you to begin to deepen the practice towards real Taiji.



By Patrick Kelly (my teacher)

Student Prices

  • Spiritual Reality £15

  • Relax, Deep Mind £25

  • Infinite Dao £35


Books are available for students through Joe at the school

- no online or telephone sales - Sorry!


Spiritual Reality

A concise model of the spiritual reality of life, containing necessary and sufficient methods for self-realisation, thereby escaping the otherwise incessant rounds of lives and deaths.


Infinite Dao

A 35 year account of Patrick Kelly's experiences under the guidance of Daoist, Sufi and Yogi sages. It reveals their essential principles and practices, coloured by the natures of these remarkable sages.
Quality cloth bound flexi cover. 300+ pages.



Taiji principles explained, with detailed photographs of the 5 loosening exercises of Master Huang Xingxian and his Taiji Form (based on the 37 move Form of Zheng ManQing)

Read more of the books at:


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