Taiji & Meditation

Classes in Northeast England, UK

Photos from 9 Clouds studio Shanghai used throughout this site with permission


Deep Body -  Deep Emotions - Deep Mind

Authentic Taiji teachings handed down in an unbroken chain.

Immune enhancing Taiji classes to boost health & well-being

  • Deep breathing -  oxygenates the body and brain

  • Waves of movement  - massage the lymphatic system

  • Energizing the nervous system - increases neuromuscular control


Plunge the fire of the mind into the waters of the body to

create a balance in Body, Emotions & Mind.


Each class we begin by closing down the everyday 'chattering' mind and

then awaken the deeper mind by listening into the deep body sensations

using the 5 inner senses

We Train:
- 5 Loosening Exercises of Huang Xingxian

- Cheng Manqing 37-move Short Form
- Yang Chengfu 108-move Long Form
- Huang Xingxian Fast Form
- 8 basic Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands.
- 8 advanced Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands.

Class includes 5 - 15min guided meditation.
Our aim is the gentle path of internal refinement.

Regular classes & seminars in the Northeast of England and elsewhere. The school is directed by long trained, qualified, senior instructor with 25+ years intensive Taiji experience, assisted by senior students of 10+ years experience.



The classes are aimed at those who wish to learn deeply.

Beginners are welcome all year round. 




Classes are back indoors FROM 20th Sept 2021.

See classes page for venue details.

Enrolling new starters / beginners now! 


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