Taiji & Meditation
Ancient Daoist Principles in Practice
Classes in Northeast England, UK

Photos from 9 Clouds studio Shanghai used throughout this site with permission


Deep Body -  Deep Emotions - Deep Mind

Authentic Taiji teachings handed down in an unbroken chain.

Inner Development through the deep body intelligence 

  • Deep breathing -  oxygenates the body and brain

  • Waves of movement  - massage the lymphatic system

  • Energizing the nervous system - increases neuromuscular control


Plunge the fire of the mind into the waters of the body to

create a balance in Body, Emotions & Mind.


Each class we begin by closing down the everyday 'chattering' mind and

then awaken the deeper mind by listening into the deep body sensations

using the 5 inner senses

We Train:
- 5 Loosening Exercises of Huang Xingxian

- Cheng Manqing 37-move Short Form
- Yang Chengfu 108-move Long Form
- Huang Xingxian Fast Form
- 8 basic Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands.
- 8 advanced Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands.

Class includes 5 - 15min guided meditation.
Our aim is the gentle path of internal refinement.

Regular classes & seminars in the Northeast of England and elsewhere. The school is directed by long trained, qualified, senior instructor with 25+ years intensive Taiji experience, assisted by senior students of 10+ years experience.



The classes are aimed at those who wish to learn deeply.

Beginners are welcome all year round. 




















Enrolling new starters / beginners now! 

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