INFINITE DAO  By Patrick Kelly in multiple languages 

New Starters


                                     Aimed at people who wish to learn deeply.

Come and watch a full class and ask your questions for free.

Try a single class for £10.

Join the group by paying monthly fee in advance, then begin training twice a week, mix and match classes as you choose.

Classes are structured to ease you in step by step, along with pre-recorded video support to give confidence for home practice.

It's recommended that you train a minimum twice a week, or train at more classes for same fee if you can.


The classes are structured:

1.5hrs -  beginners / intermediates/ Advanced

3hrs+  - Advanced Mini Seminars each month ( by invitation)

Youtube videos have been created for you to help your early learning - the first section of the Short Form can be seen by all - further sections are available to class attendees only.

There are occasional 1/2 day and 1 or 2 day seminars to deepen your understanding.

Just like learning a musical instrument or new language gentle perseverance and regular practice will bring results as slowly the art unfolds.
At each class you can take on board the necessary personal corrections to refine your practise and  begin the journey into the deeper levels.

The book ‘Relax, Deep Mind’ by Patrick Kelly is highly recommended with detailed explanations and photographs of the Form and Loosening Exercises.

Always worth checking for last minute changes before turning up for the first time.
See contact page.